Rules to Ride

Our goal is to provide safe transportation for our passengers. We ask that you observe the following guidelines:

     - All passengers must be capable of remaining seated while the vehicle is in motion.
     - Be prompt and ready when the driver arrives.
     - Passengers must be respectful of drivers.
     - Passengers cannot demand a change in the schedule, or request to be picked up or dropped off first or last.
     - Take what you brought with you.
     - Clean up after yourself. Do not litter or leave behind any belongings.
     - Drivers will wait 5 minutes after your scheduled pick up time for you to board the bus, then the bus will leave. 

     - Eating
     - Drinking, except for bottled water
     - Smoking or use of tobacco/vape products
     - Standing
     - Taking non-prescription/non-over the counter drugs
     - Riding while intoxicated/under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
     - Possession of weapons: firearms, knives, etc.
     - Transportation of any hazardous substances (acids, gasoline, oil, fluids, etc.)
     - Improper dress (example: no shirt, no shoes, etc.)
     - Damaging or disfiguring the vehicles
     - Removing any items from the vehicle not belonging to the passenger (example: fire extinguisher, supplies, etc.)