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Exelon Public Information Brochures [PIBs]:Federal law requires nuclear operating companies to develop emergency response plans for their nuclear energy facilities and to ensure evacuation plans are in place in the highly unlikely event of an emergency.

The brochure contains information about general radiological emergency preparedness, including reception center locations, evacuation routes, a map, and a list of emergency alert broadcast stations. The brochure includes an Access & Functional Needs card to be completed and returned by people who may have a special transportation or other need.

Exelon’s nuclear facilities are robust. They have multiple physical barriers and layers of backup safety systems to ensure safe operations, even in extreme events such as floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Exelon Generation has dedicated teams of emergency planning experts at each of its nuclear facilities who work with state, county, and local emergency management officials in the development, maintenance, training, and testing of emergency response plans.

Residents should read and keep the brochure for future reference. Anyone within the 10-mile radius of the Braidwood, Dresden or LaSalle facilities who do not have a current brochure may download a copy below.

If you have Livestock:Click Here for Emergency Information for Illinois Farmers, Food Processors and Distributors near the Braidwood, Dresden and LaSalle Nuclear Power Stations

  • Braidwood Station Public Information Brochure
  • Dresden Station Public Information Brochure
  • LaSalle Station Public Information Brochure