Victim and Witness Services

The Office of the Grundy County State’s Attorney Russell Baker provides a Victim/Witness Services Coordinator for crime victims who were victimized in the County of Grundy.

Our Victim Services Coordinator, Sydney Bartels, will maintain contact with victims of crime who were victimized in Grundy County.  Ms. Bartels will provide crime victims periodic updates on the case and keep victims informed of upcoming court dates.  Ms. Bartels is the point of contact for any victim who seeks information about their case and with any witnesses involved with that incident.  Sydney may be contacted at (815) 941-3279 or  Sydney Bartels received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Psychology of Crime and Justice from Loyola University Chicago.

The Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses:The Constitution of the State of Illinois declares that crime victims have certain legal rights. These rights ensure that they are treated with fairness and respect throughout the criminal justice system.  Additionally, the laws which preserve the rights of crime victims also afford certain basic rights and considerations to the witnesses of violent crime – the people who are essential to successful prosecution.

As passed by the Illinois General Assembly, these rights include:

  • The right to be treated with fairness and respect for their dignity and privacy throughout the criminal justice process.
  • The right to notification of court proceedings.
  • The right to communicate with the prosecution.
  • The right to make a statement to the court at sentencing.
  • The right to information about the conviction, sentence, imprisonment, and release of the accused.
  • The right to timely disposition of the case following the arrest of the accused.
  • The right to be reasonably protected from the accused throughout the criminal justice process.
  • The right to be present at the trial and all other court proceedings on the same basis as the accused, unless the victim is to testify, and the court determines that the victim’s. testimony would be materially affected if the victim hears other testimony at the trial.
  • The right to have present at all court proceedings, subject to the rules of evidence, an advocate or other support person of the victim’s choice.
  • The right to restitution.
Can I receive compensation for physical injuries suffered?If you sustain physical injuries and the injuries are from certain violent crimes, then you can file with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office under the Victim Compensation Act. Victim’s Compensation can reimburse you for medical expenses and loss of earnings. It only covers expenses NOT covered by your insurance company. It DOES NOT apply to property damage.

You are eligible for Victim’s Compensation if:

  • You are injured as a result of a violent crime committed or attempted against you
  • You have a loss resulting from injury of $200.00 or more after deducting any benefits or payments from Workman’s Compensation or private insurance (those 65 years of age or older are exempt from this requirement)
  • You notify the police within 72 hours of the crime
  • You cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in the apprehension and prosecution of the offender
  • You are not related to or living in the same household as the offender
  • Your injury was not the result of any provocation on your part
  • You file an application for compensation with the Illinois Court of Claims within one year of the injury.
  • Contact the Attorney General and/or the Grundy County State’s Attorney’s Victim & Witness Services Coordinator, Sydney Bartels, if you would like to request a Victim’s Compensation Act Form from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office at 815-941-3279.