Safety Tips

Many times we take little things for granted and we do not always practice good safety when it is something so routine. As the summer months are upon us, here are a couple of safety tips for around the house.

atvs-980x655 - CopyATVsIncluding the following:

  • Whether it is a four or three wheel vehicle or if the unit is motorized or not, safety needs to be practiced.
    1. Do not let children ride alone.
    2. Always wear helmets or other protection.
    3. Never ride after dark.
    4. Adult supervision is a must.
    5. Never mix alcoholic beverages with riding or supervising others.

pool-980x653Backyard PoolsThese are extremely dangerous areas with small children present. Here are just a few reminders:

  1. Never leave unsupervised children around the pool.
  2. Place an alarm on the gate to the pool
  3. Place an alarm on the surface of the water
  4. Keep electrical currents away from water.
  5. Control the use of alcoholic beverages.